Your individual teacher companion to complement PYP collaborative planning and unit design.

By Companion Planners

At Companion Planners, we are dedicated to empowering educators with innovative and efficient tools.

Our mission is to create transdisciplinary planners that serve as indispensable personal companions for teachers during team planning meetings.

Through thoughtful design and intuitive features, our planners aim to streamline collaboration, enhance productivity, and foster creativity among educators, ultimately enabling them to deliver exceptional learning experiences for their students.

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The Planning Edge

For New PYP Educators

PYP Companion Planner guides your planning in a way that is true to PYP planning principles, with prompts, quick guides and intuitive templates at your fingertips.

For Experienced PYP Educators

PYP Companion Planner supports your planning in a way that is adaptable, intuitive and holds space for the small intracies that arise in your planning.

PYP Leaders/Coordinators

Guide your team during your planning meetings, or support educators to come prepared for rich discussions and the finer elements of lesson and unit design.

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Our Products

No matter yo

No matter your role and experience, PYP Companion Planner is for you.

PYP Companion Planner

The Original

  • High-quality print and binding
  • Purposeful design and language for PYP educators
  • Unique 'fold-over' design for each unit
  • Up to 6 units (8 weeks each)
  • Designed for new and experienced educators
  • Fueled by teachers and learners

Transdisciplinary Companion Planner

The New Member

  • High-quality print and binding
  • Purposeful design for those who are *not* in IB schools but would like to ​teach in a more transdisciplinary way
  • Unique 'fold-over' design for each unit
  • Up to 6 units (8 weeks each)
  • Fueled by teachers and learners

**Note - The Transdsiciplinary Companion Planner follows the PYP planner ​format, yet does not include the IBPYP language​.​ ​

New PYP Educators

The PYP Companion Planner is designed with new PYP educators in mind.

Initial Unit Template

Each unit contains an initial planning template that is designed to prompt consideration of the wide scope of your unit. How will your environment change? Which provocations will you create? How will specialists connect? The PYP Companion Planner is where you can take your organized, individual notes during collaborative planning meetings.

Unit Focus

The PYP Companion Planner is designed so that with a quick fold of the page, your unit focus is always visible. You are reminded through each week of your unit of the key elements of your inquiry focus. No need to rewrite or refocus each week.

Quick Reference

The appendix of the PYP Companion Planners is designed as a quick reference for some of the most common IB elements. Keep this planner at hand for a quick check during meetings, when planning collaboratively, or when you are weaving the elements into your individual lesson plans.

Experienced PYP Educators

Intuitive planning for those that have years of experience teaching in the PYP

Flexible Weekly Timetable

Planning templates are designed to be flexible with how your inquiries develop. Segmented learning blocks may not apply to your class, and the PYP Companion Planner offers the flexibility to blend blocks of time and segment your schedule according to your class needs.

Space for Reflection

Connect your reflections to each unit, whether you are documenting student action, making notes for next year, or making your list to discuss with leadership, the PYP Companion Planner is designed to ensure none of these reflections are lost.

Companion to PYP Unit Planners

Great collaborative planning and unit design often lead to further scaffolds, plans and modifications that are particular to your classroom. Keep all your personal notes in one place, as a companion to your collaborative IB planner and team meetings.

PYP Leaders/Coordinators

Designed as an additional support for the meetings facilitated by the PYP leadership team.

Year-Long Unit Planning

Plan out the long-range dates of your program of inquiry - when will units start and end? where are the key dates that need to be considered? What will the year ahead look like? The PYP Companion Planner offers space to discuss and amend these plans together as a collaborative team.

Transdisciplinary Planning

Take the time to have intentional discussions about how subject areas will be integrated. The PYP Companion Planner is designed for purposeful transdisciplinary planning, and to prompt deeper discussions of connection across the relevant subject areas. Transdisciplinary planning is always evolving with each year and each team.

Conversation Prompts

There are multiple prompts and catalysts for conversations woven throughout the PYP Companion Planner. Goals, reflections, relevant quotes and opportunities to come to collaborative meetings with intention are designed as prompts to build team and individual design capabilities.

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We always welcome feedback and suggestions. We encourage educators to reach out and let us know what we can do to improve the Companion Planner experience for our customers. Please note that feedback will be considered in conjunction with the collaborative efforts of the Collaborative Planners Team. Thank you for your time.

For all other inquiries, please contact:

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Collaborative Planners are designed by long-time PYP educators, PYP Coordinators, school leaders, Workshop Leaders, and IBEC instructors. Built with the intention to approach PYP planning in a way that is genuine, reflective of the IB pedagogy and as an individual companion to the collaborative work of the educators that serve students daily.

Proudly designed in BC, Canada

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